Alien Opponent (2011)


Colin Theys



Jessica Alexandra Green, Hilma Falkowski, Greg Nutcher, Angela Relucio, Sari Gagnon, Adrienne LaValley


The owner of a small-town junkyard offers a cash reward to whomever can kill her uninvited, space-suited alien guest when its spacecraft crash-lands into her barn. Every wacko within 100 miles turns out, and before long, the junkyard is transformed into a war zone of man vs. man vs. machine vs. alien vs. God only knows what.
  • Science Fiction
  • Comedy
  • Action
  • Reviews 2
  • Highest Rating 90
  • Lowest Rating 80
  • Average Rating 85

Alien Opponent (2011)

Not a good movie by any conventional standard but AO has a luminescent innocence about it that makes the meta-movie incredibly enjoyable. It's hardcore cornball and tonnes of fun to watch with intentional and intentionally-unintentional laughs throughout. Watch the commentary.
April 15, 2012

Alien Opponent (2011)

alien + zombie + group of ragtag rednecks, stripper, priest, ninja looking fellow, cheerleaders and sports teams + splosions + mediocre/poor special effects? Fuck. Yeah. Watch the commentary!
April 12, 2012