Hannibal Rising (2007)


Peter Webber


Thomas Harris


Veronika Bellová, Marek Vasut, Vanesa Novakova, Beata Ben Ammar, Robert Russell, Linda Svobodová


The story of the early, murderous roots of the cannibalistic killer, Hannibal Lecter – from his hard-scrabble Lithuanian childhood, where he witnesses the repulsive lengths to which hungry soldiers will go to satiate themselves, through his sojourn in France, where as a med student he hones his appetite for the kill.
  • Horror
  • Thriller
  • Drama
  • Crime
  • Reviews 1
  • Highest Rating 52
  • Lowest Rating 52
  • Average Rating 52

Hannibal Rising (2007)

A joyless mess that fails to capture its namesake, the mood of its predecessors or any sense of tension. Brief moments generate some dread, but the plot and characters are boring and banal, and the action is overwrought and childishly toothless in the ways that matter.
July 23, 2012