The Fog (2005)


Rupert Wainwright


Cooper Layne


Sonja Bennett, Meghan Heffern, Matthew Currie Holmes, R. Nelson Brown, Rade Šerbedžija, Mary Black


Trapped within an eerie mist, the residents of Antonio Bay have become the unwitting victims of a horrifying vengeance. One hundred years earlier, a ship carrying lepers was purposely lured onto the rocky coastline and sank, drowning all aboard. Now they're back – long-dead mariners who've waited a century for their revenge.
  • Thriller
  • Horror
  • Reviews 1
  • Highest Rating 40
  • Lowest Rating 40
  • Average Rating 40

The Fog (2005)

Bad CG, thin characters and a universe that refuses to set any rules for itself make for a boring, and disengaged experience. No single mistake is fatal, but the cumulative effect of a thousand mediocrities drains the tension and entertainment leaving a ho-hum husk.
December 23, 2012