The Pact (2012)


Nicholas McCarthy



Kathleen Rose Perkins, Mark Steger, Samuel Ball, Haley Hudson, Dakota Bright, Agnes Bruckner


After their mother passes away, sisters Nicole and Annie reluctantly return to their childhood home to pay their last respects. While staying overnight in the house, the sisters sense a mysterious presence in their midst: noises startling them in the night, objects moving about, a fallen picture of an unknown woman posed next to their mother. Annie begins experiencing a series of intense and disturbing dreams - visions that lead her to uncover something terrible about her mother's past that is f...
  • Thriller
  • Mystery
  • Horror
  • Reviews 2
  • Highest Rating 70
  • Lowest Rating 50
  • Average Rating 60

The Pact (2012)

Though it didn't have the discipline to stick to shadows The Pact was entertaining enough, had a few good scares and gave me an excuse to watch a braless Lotz run about for 89 minutes. Though it messed itself at the very end I still got to see Sabrina break down, so good enough.
November 12, 2012

The Pact (2012)

I honestly don't know how to rate this. It scared me so much I screamed out loud in actual terror, prompting aaron to laugh at me, a lot. The premise was good. It was too scary for me. Edit: Thinking about it now, I'm scared in my house in the middle of the day. Fuck this movie.
November 10, 2012