In the Loop (2009)


Armando Iannucci


Tony Roche, Simon Blackwell, Armando Iannucci, Jesse Armstrong


Natasha Sattler, Will Smith, Janelle Schmidt, Eve Matheson, Rita May, Steve Coogan


The US President and the UK Prime Minister are planning on launching a war in the Middle East, but—behind the scenes—government officials and advisers are either promoting the war or are trying to prevent it.
  • Comedy
  • Reviews 5
  • Highest Rating 93
  • Lowest Rating 77
  • Average Rating 88

In the Loop (2009)

Legitimately hilarious and incredibly smart. Iannucci handles multiple locales, a convoluted story and a cast of (nearly) thousands with remarkable deftness. Without hyperbole, this is one of the funniest movies you'll ever see.
November 14, 2012

In the Loop (2009)

Every character feels real and charming and lovely, with genuine emotions and reasons for behaving the way that they do. Definitely one of the best movies I've seen.
February 20, 2012

In the Loop (2009)

In the Loop is a fantastically human and charming descent into the intrigue and deceit of modern politics. The intense and stressful final act is an unavoidably sadistic set of body blows that leave you burned out and wincing. If you care about politics this is your movie.
February 20, 2012

In the Loop (2009)

Watched this drunk at 3am on a Saturday night. It's fantastic! Steve Coogan had me in fits. If you dig the UK Office and world politics, this is for you.
February 13, 2012