The Dead Zone (1983)


David Cronenberg


Jeffrey Boam


Leslie Carlson, Ramon Estevez, Roger Dunn, David Rigby, Helene Udy, Cindy Hinds


Johnny Smith is a schoolteacher with his whole life ahead of him but, after leaving his fiancee's home one night, is involved in a car crash which leaves him in a coma for 5 years. When he wakes, he discovers he has an ability to see into the past, present and future life of anyone with whom he comes into physical contact.
  • Science Fiction
  • Thriller
  • Horror
  • Reviews 2
  • Highest Rating 76
  • Lowest Rating 60
  • Average Rating 68

The Dead Zone (1983)

I think Christopher Walkens disaffected weirdness is a great match for the character. Good adaptation of classic King. Not as Cronenbergian as could have been, but there are touches here and there.
September 28, 2017

The Dead Zone (1983)

Interesting ideas that languish and die without a strong backbone to focus the story. There's a tonne of talent present, but Walken is a painful miscast that left the room laughing at all the wrong times. The Dead Zone is a wasted opportunity.
January 18, 2012